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Innovation is a driving force in our business, the need to improve American people, for better ways to deliver for the benefit of our customers and our business.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Meet the phone that's changing the shape of the future. The world's number one foldable, this cutting-edge smartphone puts powerful performance, foldable glass, and an all-day battery all in the palm of your hand.

starting from $0.00 with eligible trade-in.

Galaxy Note20

The first to merge a pen with a phone, Note put a whole new world in your pocket. As we face a new normal, life demands a new kind of device. This is not a smartphone as you know it. This is a computer suite in your pocket.

Galaxy Note20 starting from $0.00 with eligible trade-in.

Note Series

Superior cameras. Blazing speeds. A magic pen that controls your phone. Upgrade to the Galaxy Note Series and turn your creative vision into reality.

Galaxy Note10 starting from $349.99 with eligible trade-in.

S Series

If it's innovative, the Galaxy S Series has it in spades. Superior cameras. A battery that charges other batteries. An expansive display that clears the way for your creative vision.

S10 starting from $149.99 with eligible trade-in.

A Series

You want a better phone, not an empty wallet. Upgrade to the Galaxy A Series, packed with a full set of advanced innovations at a fraction of the price.

A50 starting from $0.00 with eligible trade-in.

Galaxy Tab S

Thin, lightweight, and packing powerful tech and the S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S series isn't just an incredible tablet, it can replace your PC entirely.

Galaxy Tab A

Bring cinematic experiences home with the Galaxy Tab A series of tablets, designed with immersive screens, stellar sound and long-lasting batteries.